Strategic Plan


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Strategic Plan

A Message from the Principal

We are pleased to present our Strategy in Action, Towards 2030.

This strategy statement represents a firm and hope filled commitment to the future of ˶ for students, staff and all community members. All who learn and work at Siena know of the gift and grace of this place – its spirit, its history, its people, its culture and its promise.

When the pioneering Dominican Sisters first established ˶ in 1940, they committed firmly to the finest education for young women. An education that would equip every student with the skills, knowledge, values and attributes for life, and ultimately for good in our world. And so, ˶ was established as a place of educational excellence in the Dominican Tradition, in a fine example of Catholic education at its best. It is with deep admiration and appreciation to the founding Dominican Sisters, as well as the local parish and its families, that many features remain integral to our offering to this day:

  • The belief that women, well formed and educated, should take their rightful place in every dimension of society
  • The conviction that girls’ education should be intellectually robust and of the highest order
  • The worldview that with educational privilege comes the responsibility to give in pursuit of the fullness of humanity, particularly with those in need
  • The unwavering commitment to the Dominican ethos of truth

The four pillars of our Dominican heritage reflect these commitments and offer a lasting link between the gift of our history and grace for the future:

  • Prayer and Contemplation: a centering awareness of the sacred in our midst
  • Study: an intentional commitment to learning
  • Justice: a recognition of the human quest for truth, beauty and justice
  • Community: an appreciation for authentic relationship

In this context, we are proud to share our vision for the coming years, Towards 2030. In it, we seek to stand on the footholds and the frontiers!

I extend my deep appreciation to those who took part in rich and robust conversation; students, staff and families who offered their dreams and love for the ongoing flourishing of ˶. I thank the members of the Leadership Team, led and facilitated by Tracey Grobbelaar and Antonella Rosati for their close collaboration with our consulting partner, David Platt. Together, we have been expertly engaged in a rigorous and productive process of discernment.

I present this vision with firm commitment and a hopeful heart. Guided by the spirit and strength of this great community, ˶ enters a new chapter with great confidence and capacity. May every Siena student find her hopes and dreams for her future and our world expressed in this vision and strategy: her More.

For all that our students can do, and be, in the years ahead: Towards 2030.

Elizabeth Hanney

Strategy in Action, Towards 2030

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