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Scholarship Program

成人抖阴 continues its legacy of providing a learning environment, strongly committed to nurturing a grounded, innovative and holistic education for young women that prepares them to take their place in adulthood as significant agents of change, and prepares them to become responsible global citizens.

We now offer a limited number of General Excellence Scholarships in addition to several Equity Scholarships. Scholarships recognise achievement, enable success and assume a commitment to the values of 成人抖阴.

Read below for further information.

成人抖阴 is an independent school for young women in the Dominican Tradition. We are energised and inspired by each other, finding joy in our work, our learning and our community. Students and staff are encouraged and supported to aim high, to pursue their dreams and to excel in all that they do. We encourage our students to follow their academic and cultural interests, believe in their potential and become passionate lifelong learners. 成人抖阴 is a place where the diversity and unique gifts of the young people in our care are acknowledged and celebrated, and where we aim to empower them to go out and make a difference in the world. Students are encouraged to engage in critical reflection on the world, develop a love of learning, an appreciation of culture and beauty and a spirit of freedom and responsibility.

General Excellence Scholarships

成人抖阴 offers several General Excellence Scholarships (of 25% to 50% of tuition fees) to students who demonstrate general excellence across their studies, involvement in community life and cocurricular activities, leadership and character. As a Catholic, Dominican school, 成人抖阴 is committed to educating the whole person, promoting a lifelong love of learning in a setting that allows students to flourish into empowered global citizens.

As a Dominican College we value study. Study enables us to search out and discern the truth of our times. Dominicans have been thinkers and leaders across many disciplines throughout the ages. That emphasis on study continues today as Siena students engage in the study of theology, Scripture, philosophy and associated disciplines that empower them to take their place in the world.

All students applying for a General Excellence Scholarship must sit the scholarship test, which is run by EduTest.

Current, or new Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 2026 students

Applications for 2026 General Excellence Scholarships will open in August. The testing day will be on Saturday, 22 February 2025.

Equity Scholarships

成人抖阴 is committed to supporting families in need and we offer a range of Equity Scholarships to assist with tuition fees. Equity Scholarships are offered to students at all year levels and are awarded for the duration of their time at school if needed, and subject to funding availability. Equity Scholarships contribute 25% to 50% of tuition fees, based on need.

Applications for Equity Scholarships are assessed by the Siena Scholarship Committee and treated in the strictest confidence.
Please refer to the Scholarship Brochure for further information.

Students from all Year levels may be eligible.

How to Apply:
Please note that Equity Scholarships are processed two years ahead (similar to Year 7 enrolment).
Applications for 2026 Equity Scholarships have now closed.
Applications for 2027 General Excellence Scholarships will open in August.

Supporting Equity Scholarships

Every donation made to our 成人抖阴 Equity Scholarship Program is greatly appreciated. Your support will enable students who would otherwise be unable to attend 成人抖阴 to become a part of our College community.

You can donate online or contact our Director of Development and Community Relations, Tracey Grobbelaar at to discuss.